ilustat is a data science company. The team is composed of data scientists, programmer and a graphical designer. We take a fun approach to our work to share our passion with our clients and partners.

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What we do

ilustat is a data science company that provides data analysis solutions, consultancy and training services.
We specialise in using the R statistical software package to summarise, visualise, analyses and report your data data.
We make your data understandable for you to make the best possible decisions.
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ilustat specialises in the design, analysis, interpretation, presentation communication of data. We offer motivating workshops and training which include extensive hand ons participant involvement.


Data analysis & R Programming

ilustat can do your data analysis for you. Given our extensive experience in data analysis we can “tidy” and “wrangle” your data into accessible formats. We work to ensure that all our work is reproducible. Our vision is to make your data understandable and accessible so that we can support you to interpret and communicate your results and data. With our support you can make the best decisions from your data. Contact us for more information.


Infographics and Data Visualisation

Working with our graphic designer we can transform your data into stunning data visualisations and infographics. We can help you find the right balance between graphical, tabular and textual presentations for your users to understand in the simplest possible way. Contact us for more information.


Training courses and Workshops

ilustat offers training courses and workshops that engage the participants by getting them to actively participate by encouraging free thinking and sharing experiences. We offer tailored and public courses on “Understanding Data”, Statistics (different levels from basic to advanced, “Statistical thinking in clinical trials” and R programming. Contact us for more information.


ilustat share “info sheets” (like cheatsheets) and other learning resources to encourage knowledge exchange with everyone. We share some of our fun projects and their source code in the spirit of free and open software.


Blog, tweet or bleet? You are busy and we like to get to the point. As a compromise we will publish “bleets” which are not as long as a blog and not as short as a tweet. The limit is 237 words.

Team ilustat

The team is composed of data scientists with extensive statistical and programming experience. We take a fun approach to our work to share our passion with our clients and partners.

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